Q: How long are the wait times for cardiac testing?
A: Appointments for cardiac testing can typically be scheduled within a couple of working days from the date of request.

Q: What is the expected wait time for a pediatric echo?
A: Pediatric patients can expect a wait time of 1-2 months maximum for an echo.

Q: How long are the wait times for nephrology consultations?
A: From receiving the referral, the consultation report is sent to the family doctor within 1 month.

Q: Is there an alternative test available for patients unable to undergo a stress test on a treadmill?
A: We do not offer Persantine and Dobutamine tests. For patients up to 200KG or 440lbs, stress tests are available. If a patient does not meet this requirement, they are immediately referred to a hospital.

Q: Does your clinic perform nuclear imaging?
A: We specialize in contrast stress echo, which provides clear images without the need for nuclear dye, reducing both cost and health risks. As a result, 77% of our patients do not require hospital referrals, except for procedures like angioplasty.

Q: What languages do your cardiologists and staff speak?
A: Our team offers language support in English, French, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Assyrian, Farsi, Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese (Cantonese), Gujrati, and Filipino.

Q: Can patients without OHIP cards or visitors receive testing?
A: We accept health cards from all provinces outside Ontario, except Manitoba and Alberta. Expedited private testing is also available for cash patients or visitors. For pricing, please contact us at 1416-741-1042.

Q: Are your referral forms accessible through EMR platforms?
A: Yes, our referral forms are available on major EMR platforms, including OSCAR, PS SUITE, ACURO, OCEANS, TELUS, and more. To download please visit our website and select referral form.

Q: Do your cardiologists conduct follow-up appointments with patients?
A: Absolutely. Once a referral is made to us, we ensure comprehensive care and follow-up with patients for short-term and long-term needs.

Q: Which hospitals are your cardiologists affiliated with?
A: Our cardiologists have affiliations with several hospitals across the GTA, notably St. Michael’s Hospital, Michael Garron Hospital, and Toronto General Hospital in Toronto; William Osler Health Centre and Brampton Civic Hospital in Brampton; William Osler Health Centre in Etobicoke; Scarborough Health Network Centenary, Scarborough Health Sciences Centre in Scarborough.

Q: Are there any preparations required for Echocardiogram or Stress Echo or Holter monitoring?
A: Yes, please ensure to:

  • Take a shower before your appointment, if possible.
  • Avoid applying oils or moisturizers.
  • Shave your chest if applicable and no religious restrictions apply.
  • Have your usual meal but avoid caffeine.
  • Do not wear long dresses/shirts without pants. Legs should be covered by pants.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and running shoes for treadmill tests.
  • Stop blood pressure medicine ending with “LOL” 48 hours before the test.
  • Bring all your active medication with you to the appointment.

For any further questions or clarifications, feel free to contact our clinic directly.

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