About Me

Ontario Heart Center – OHC is committed to keeping hearts healthy and strong by providing quality and timely patient care that promotes early diagnosis, prevention and cardiovascular risk management. We balance the best of technological expertise with the compassion of patient-centred care for all types of cardiac problems. We share a philosophy that puts patient comfort, privacy and individual attention first and foremost. In cardiovascular disease, early detection and treatment are key to successful diagnosis and timely prevention.

At OHC you can expect an uncompromising, excellent standard of care. Our physicians are recognized as some of the top cardiovascular physicians in the country.


  • Patients and families trust the unsurpassed experience of our physicians.
  • Our staff is highly qualified, experienced and trained to take care of our valued patients with dedication.
  • The motto of OHC is to place highest priority on patient needs.
  • Each of our patients receives due importance, respect and individual care.

To experience the quality of patient care we offer please ask your physician, to send your referral to OHC or call or e-mail us for an appointment with one of our cardiologists

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